We’re taking part in the Brighton Fringe again. All 2017 shows are FREE so come, grab a drink, then put what you think the show is worth in the donations bucket at the end.

We have:

6 May 19:00 11-13, 19-20, 25-27 May, 2 Jun 20:30
Free, non-ticketed [55m]
Arna Spek (BBC Radio 4 New act competition, Leicester Square theatre New act semi final 2016) is ready to make you laugh! Join her for a hilarious 30 minute stand-up comedy show about how she belongs in a Museum. In fact, she already is a true museum piece. Stories of dangerous awkwardness and hilarious observations will come flying at you! Can Arna survive in 21st century Britain? It is a question that might be more literal than she wants it to be. A show about enjoying this modern society.

6 May, 3 June, 20:00
Improv Comedy
80s Reloaded is a Comedy Improv Group which mashes up 80s genre with an egg whisk and makes a lot of baloney!

19-20 May 18:00 Donations, ticketed [50m]
The original Educating Rita met Buddha of Suburbia and pretended to be an ordinary working class housewife whilst she went on strange spiritual quests, educated herself, and got an art degree at 88. A sitcom in herself, come hear some hilarious tales of my nan and bring your own to share. It’s feminism but not as you know it.

27-28 May, 3-4 Jun 18:00 Free, ticketed [55m]
Ships! a.k.a. Michelle and Cathy bring you their debut show, ‘Give Two Ships’. This is a show. A sketch show, to be precise. And it might make you laugh. Hopefully intentionally. Probably intentionally. We’re gonna say definitely intentionally.