Of course we’re biased but we bet you’re glad it’s over as well. One of the things we’re really looking forward to is not having to read any more blogs or features about (a) how to be smug because Dry January makes you feel amazing, or (b) how not to be smug because a month’s abstinence doesn’t mean you don’t have alcohol dependency issues, or (c) how Dry January inevitably leads to a booze-fuelled February Bacchanalia, or (d) how boring your friends are when you don’t drink – which is just plain rude.

You might have noticed that we’ve had some different alcohol-free beers in and we’ve been doing a few tastings this month. They’re honestly a lot better than they used to be so you can forget your horrid Kaliber experiences of years gone by.  Let us know if there’s anything you like and we can always see if we can stock it.

We’re open until midnight tonight, so you’ve got just enough time to line them up and get back on the wagon in style. Responsibly, mind. One thing we’ve noticed is that hangovers are bloody awful once you start drinking again after a dry spell, so go easy on yourselves.

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