State Of Origin

Not only are we showing all three Holden State of Origin Series matches but we’ll be opening early at 10am on match days.

Games will be played in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane between NSW Blues and QLD Maroons. Come and join us on 06 June, 24 June and 11 July!

National Vegetarian Week

Have we got pies for you! Wild Shroom is filled with wild mushrooms and asparagus in a creamy white wine sauce. Meanwhile, Heidi is a vegetarian marvel from Pieminister, packed full of sweet potato, goats’ cheese and spinach.

Our kitchen’s open today between 12:00-14:00 at lunchtime and 17:00-21:30 in the evening today so why not treat yourself?

Lots of our beers are also veggie-friendly, including Budweiser, Goose Island and Grolsch. Further info here:

Welly Royal Wedding Extravaganza

We’ll be showing the Royal Wedding on Saturday morning! Expect prosecco, bunting and possibly tiaras. More importantly, we will be selling red, white and blue muffins to support Maternity Worldwide’s Muffins for Midwives fundraiser, so come along and join us!

Maternity Worldwide is a charity which works in low-income countries to help women and girls access the high quality maternal health care they need to be able to give birth safely. You can find out more about the life-saving work they do at

If you would like to donate to Maternity Worldwide, you don’t even have to buy a muffin! Just go to their JustGiving page here.

Children and Animals

Well-behaved children are more than welcome in the Welly, as long as they’re with a responsible adult. We’re also very dog-friendly, although it can get busy and crowded on match days.

In line with the law, obviously we can’t serve alcohol to anyone under 18 so please bring your passport or other photo ID if you’re lucky enough to look under 25.

What The Dickens?

People Who Might Have Had A Pint At The Welly (Part One of a very tenuous series): Charles Dickens was born 7th February 1812 and today would have been his 206th birthday, had he not died in 1870. He visited Brighton many times between 1837 and 1868. We’ve been here since 1867 so in theory, Dickens could have enjoyed a pint at the Welly before catching the train back to London!

Well, this is pure conjecture and speculation but we do know that Dickens wasn’t averse to a back-street ale house. Here’s his description of a ‘public-house of the old school’ from Sketches by Boz (1836): ‘a little old bar, and a little old landlord, who, with a wife and daughter of the same pattern, was comfortably seated in the bar aforesaid – a snug little room with a cheerful fire, protected by a large screen … The little old landlord … bustled out of the small door of the small bar; and forthwith ushered us into the parlour itself. It was an ancient, dark-looking room, with oaken wainscoting, a sanded floor, and a high mantel-piece. The walls were ornamented with three or four old coloured prints in black frames, each print representing a naval engagement, with a couple of men-of-war banging away at each other most vigorously [stop giggling at the back there, he’s talking about SHIPS], while another vessel or two were blowing up in the distance, and the foreground presented a miscellaneous collection of broken masts and blue legs sticking up out of the water. Depending from the ceiling in the centre of the room, were a gas-light and bell-pull; on each side were three or four long narrow tables, behind which was a thickly-planted row of those slippery, shiny-looking wooden chairs, peculiar to hostelries of this description. The monotonous appearance of the sanded boards was relieved by an occasional spittoon; and a triangular pile of those useful articles adorned the two upper corners of the apartment.’

Dry January Begone!

Of course we’re biased but we bet you’re glad it’s over as well. One of the things we’re really looking forward to is not having to read any more blogs or features about (a) how to be smug because Dry January makes you feel amazing, or (b) how not to be smug because a month’s abstinence doesn’t mean you don’t have alcohol dependency issues, or (c) how Dry January inevitably leads to a booze-fuelled February Bacchanalia, or (d) how boring your friends are when you don’t drink – which is just plain rude.

You might have noticed that we’ve had some different alcohol-free beers in and we’ve been doing a few tastings this month. They’re honestly a lot better than they used to be so you can forget your horrid Kaliber experiences of years gone by.  Let us know if there’s anything you like and we can always see if we can stock it.

We’re open until midnight tonight, so you’ve got just enough time to line them up and get back on the wagon in style. Responsibly, mind. One thing we’ve noticed is that hangovers are bloody awful once you start drinking again after a dry spell, so go easy on yourselves.