Upstairs at the Welly today: Karoshi (13:40), BOLSHIE (16:20), Sameena Zehra’s Cult of Comedy (19:00) and Life is a Caba-Rach (21:40). Come and join us at 70 Upper Gloucester Road, BN1 3LQ (Venue 252). 

Alphabetical listings

Alex Martini is Mad About Food
18-19 May, 01-03 Jun | 17:40 | £5 (or pay what you want) | Age 16+
Are you passionate about food, yet in love with Britain at the same time? This show is for you! The craziest Italian, Alex Martini, brings you his debut solo show ‘Mad About Food’. Alex knows a lot about food, and like most Italians, he’s not afraid to shout it out loud. Constantly in and out of stereotype, this show will leave you wanting more. Sprinkled all over with an abundance of satire, to keep it tangy and spicy. Leave your prejudices at home and bring along a full-bodied sense of humour. Just make sure it is a bit dry.
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Alex Petrovic, Fiona Ridgewell, Graeme Collard
15, 17, 20, 31 May, 01 Jun | 20:20 | Donations | Age 18+
Alex Petrovic (BBC New Comedy Awards, Radio 2, Radio 4 Extra), Fiona Ridgewell (Comedy Knights Finalist 2016, Golden Jester Finalist 2015), and Graeme Collard (Comedy Fun House Gong Show Winner) are three exciting new stand-up comedians bringing you an awesome hour of stand-up comedy! Between them they have an impressive list of achievements and accolades including competition finals, successful podcasts, and have gigged with some of the biggest names in comedy. “An entertaining way of looking at things” ‘Alex Petrovic’ (Chortle)
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Andrea Hubert: Holes of Joy
06, 13 May | 15:00 | Donations
A show about internalised misogyny, how the Jews have it really good these days (Andrea is one, so she can say that and it isn’t racist), how not everyone (mostly Andrea) is on board with saving the bees, and what types of porn a feminist watches. From the winner of the This is London Best Edinburgh Debut 2016.
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21-26 May | 16:20 | £5 (or pay what you want) | Age 14+
An irreverent and incomplete history of the Russian Revolution in response to a hundred years of bullsh*t. ‘BOLSHIE’ asks the important questions others have shied away from; who is the best looking revolutionary? What breed was Trotsky’s dog? Was Lenin a frustrated children’s entertainer? What would Bernard Cribbins have said if he’d been there? Tepid on the heels of 2016’s successful Brighton Fringe debut ‘I Demand A Recount!’, Different Goal are delighted to be back with a fun-filled, magical, musical, madcap show that may not change the world but will at least be a bit of a change.
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Bear North
04 May at 21:40 | 05 & 19 May at 13:40 | 09 & 16 May at 19:00 | 11 May at 17:40
All shows £10 | Age 10+
Comic, cajun folk ‘n’ blues ’bout bears, beavers, and buffalo. Roy Hutchins and Mike Dr Blue are your highly unreliable narrators as they interweave, tooth and claw, wonderful stories and nature poems inspired by the Canadian wilds. A log cabin, a lake full of fish, and a trip to see the aurora borealis while being held high by a bird of prey are all on offer. This is a show that celebrates the glories of friendship; so come with your friends, and enter into the spirit. “Qui sont ces comédiens? Leur Français est terrible!” (Gazette Fictive de Montréal)
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Daphna Baram: Sugarcoating
10-11, 22-24 May at 20:20 | 12 May at 17:40 | £5 (or pay what you want) | Age 14+
A Middle Eastern Mary Poppins gets diabetes from her spoonful of sugar, becomes British, and negotiates with her body as insulin and Brexit go down. Just as Daphna Baram finally falls in love with her big magnificence, she’s told she must indulge it less – or part with her toes. Just as she receives the coveted red EU passport, her new compatriots denounce Europe. The betrayal of the flesh and treachery of hope never seemed so bittersweet. “Masterful” ***** (Bunbury Magazine) “Wonderful and hilarious” **** (Broadway Baby) “Illuminating, poignant” (The List)
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Dave Chawner: Mental
05, 19-20, 26 May | 15:00 | Donations |Age 13+
Award-winning comedian Dave Chawner premieres his new show about mental health (rather than mental illness). As seen on BBC, ITV and Channel 4 As heard on BBC Radio 1, Radio 4 and Radio 5 Live ***** (Arts Award Voice) ***** (Bunbury Magazine) **** (The List) **** (EdFest Magazine) **** (ThreeWeeks) **** (Broadway Baby) **** (Ed Fringe Review) **** (Voice Magazine) “This is one comic you have to make the effort to see” (The Scottish Herald) “His upbeat delivery and candid confessions make for an enjoyable, and sometimes enlightening, hour” (Steve Bennet)
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David McIver is a Nice Little Man
07, 09, 21 May, 03 Jun | 20:20 | £5 (or pay what you want)
Wow, it’s time for the debut hour of comedy from hot ticket and nice friend David McIver! That’s right girls and boys, your special little man is all grown up and raring to do some of his high-spirited absurdist nonsense and silly characters. “A refreshing breath of air in every sense.” **** (Broadway Baby) “Unique, silly… a fascinating blend of high nonsense.” **** (The Mumble) Selected for the BBC New Comedy Award 2017.
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Fiona Sagar: Working Progress
20, 27 May | 17:40 | Donations | Age 14+
Fiona Sagar (Funny Women Best Show Nominee 2016, The Groundlings Comedy Theatre, LA) returns to Brighton Fringe with her new character comedy show. “A talented impressionist, completely morphs into an array of hilariously self-indulgent characters” **** (Fringebiscuit) “Fiona Sagar had me laughing like a drain. A brilliant comic performer! Fiona catches the current zeitgeist of obsessional and entitled to a tee” (Logan Murray) “Funny, dark and beautiful. Someone destroy her” (Viv Groskop)
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Heidi vs Sharks: Work in Progress
06, 13, 20, 27 May, 02 Jun | 19:00 | £5 (or pay what you want) | Age 18+
Heidi Regan, winner of BBC New Comedy Award 2017 and So You Think You’re Funny? 2016, explores our increasingly confusing world via the medium of shark films. Warning: If you don’t like footage of sharks biting people there will be a minute or two of this so you can come and close your eyes for those bits or else avoid the show entirely. The footage is much more silly than scary, but you might be really scared of sharks… although not scared enough to avoid a show with ‘sharks’ in the title. Hey, people are complicated. No judgement here. No judgement, but lots of sharks!
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It Never Rains: 2016 in Review
10-11 May, 31 May-02 Jun | 21:40 | £4 (£3 concessions) | Age 16+
Despite accidentally catching cancer, lunch poet Daniel Searle was one of the few people to not die in 2016. Through a series of spoken word pieces he looks back at the year in which a series of icons passed away, people voted for chaos in various forms, and he massively crapped himself after realising for the first time that he wasn’t actually immortal, despite being as ginger as Highlander. A comic reflection on death and the destruction of unity, art, and society, with occasional bouts of maudlin introspection and self-pity, this is one for all the family.
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Juliet Meyers is Jekyll & Hyde (with a dog)
12 May, 02 Jun | 20:20 |£5 (or pay what you want)
Juliet hates being called ‘lovely’ – she can be at times, but she’s not your nan and isn’t obliged. And what doesn’t that word even mean? Stand-up, confession, and storytelling about how great and utterly awful people are. And why dogs are mostly better (there’s one in the show. Ho does occasionally lick himself intimately…not sure if he does that to help). ‘Smart and very funny’ The Independent **** ‘Devilish, on the edge’ The Scotsman
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25-27 May | 13:40 | £5 (or pay what you want) | Age 14+
‘Karoshi’ is Japanese for death by overwork. Is work killing you? Does your boss hate you? You are not alone. In her hit Edinburgh show, ‘Karoshi’, comedian (and tired worker) Mel Byron shows the many different ways in which work is killing us. Long hours; managers from hell; dysfunctional colleagues – they are all to blame. Yes, it’s not you, it’s them. In the time it takes you to eat lunch and update your CV (don’t let the boss catch you), Mel shows, with anecdotes and fascinating facts, why this is happening and what we can do about it.
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Let Them Eat Jake
160-19 May | 21:40 | £5 (or pay what you want) | Age 16+ | Work in progress
Creating your own kingdom is what life’s all about – one where you can live by your own rules, make your own choices, and be the person you truly are. Unfortunately, creating your own kingdom seems impossible when you’re not born into a dazzling world of riches. So join Jake as he searches to create his very own Queendom with a foreign lover, a misguided view of spirituality, and a whole lot of cake. If you don’t fit into the constraints of the kingdom, then free yourself into the Queendom!
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Life In Progress
13-15 May | 21:40 | £5 (or pay what you want) | Age 15+
When life fell apart, Rob moved into a caravan. Finding happiness is a complex affair for Rob including helping lovesick earwigs, slapping sharks, and discovering the meaning of life.
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Life is a Caba-Rach
09, 12, 25-26 May | 21:40 | £5 (or pay what you want) | Age 16+
Feel-good stand-up show on how to love life even when it’s rubbish. From Rachel Sambrooks, writer/performer finalist Sitcom Trials 2016, semi-finalist Old Comedian of the Year 2016/2017, finalist Birmingham New Act competition, finalist Laughing Horse Big New Act competition, comedy writer with credits on BBC’s ‘Newsjack’ and ‘World Cup Tapes’. “Warm, earthy and innovative” (We Are Most Amused, Northampton) “Brilliant” (BBC Radio 5 Live)
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Made of Human Podcast: Live
08-10 May at 16:20 | Extra show 08 May at 21:40 | £10 (£8 concessions) | Age 16+
Sofie Hagen brings her successful podcast ‘Made of Human’ to Brighton to record live episodes in front of an audience. ‘Made of Human’ explores how to do life and why it’s so hard to be an adult.
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Mansplaining Feminism
26-27 May |20:20 | £5
Still talking to each other after last year’s Edinburgh success with ‘Holt and Talbot Can’t Stand the Sight of Each Other,’ and no one is more surprised than them. Rosie is unable to grasp the simple concept of feminism, but over the course of an hour of bickering, sketches, and the most audacious bit of mansplaining you’ll ever see, Christian attempts to set her straight. ‘Refreshing and very funny’
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Maria Shehata – Pretty Little
14-18 May | 16:20 | £5 (or pay what you want) | Work in progress| Age 16+
Egyptian-American comedian Maria Shehata follows up her debut show ‘Wisdomless’ with stand up and storytelling about her life in London and what happened after she whimsically moved from LA. Winner of Best Comedian at the Hollywood Festival of New Cinema and Best Comedy at the Miami Web Fest. Maria was voted one of the 5 best new acts of the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe by The 99 Club. “Shehata is warm and witty and lights up the whole room.” **** (Simply Stage) “Uniquely open and honest… a performer to watch out for.” **** (Broadway World)
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Miss Universe
28-29 May | 20:20 | £6.50 (£5 concessions) | Age 12+
‘Miss Universe’ is ludicrous, graceful and confidently beautiful character comedy from Shivani Thussu. This year’s Miss Universe contestants form a patchwork quilt of offbeat characters – from social humanoid robot Sophia, to jealous Saudi princess Saphia, with many extreme personalities in between. Who will win? This is not just Miss World or Miss Earth. This is Miss Universe. BBC Comedy Award finalist 2017 (Felix Dexter Bursary) “One to Watch” (Funny Women Awards 2017) As seen on BBC3’s ‘Quickies’
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Mixed Race White Bloke
07-08,21-22, 28-29 May | 19:00 | Donations | Age 16+
Francis Foster is a unique man who hails from Caracas and Wigan via South London. This show will explore race, cultural identity, and top level banter. Francis also came third in the New Act Of The Year Awards, and supported Eddie Izzard on tour.
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Nick Elleray: It’s Been Emotional
04-05, 18-19 May | 20:20 | £5 (or pay what you want) | Work in progress | Age 16+
The ‘Mellow Thunder From Down Under’ returns to Brighton with a stand-up comedy show that’ll be thoughtful, silly, and thoughtfully silly. Winner of the Leicester Square Theatre Old Comedian Of The Year 2017 “An under-appreciated purveyor of quality downbeat comedy” (Chortle) “An engaging stand-up with an inventive mind” (The List) “Definitely an act that left the audience wanting more” (Bruce Dessau)
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Oli Bettesworth: Le Fou Roux
07-10 May | 17:40 | Donations | Age 16+
127 years after Van Gogh, the world is ready for another ginger genius (No, Ed Sheeran doesn’t count). An ear-laceratingly funny show about identity, madness, and pubic politics. The Red-Head Revolution starts here. “A gem. Beautiful language concealing hilarious suckerpunches” (Dan Antopolski) “Quietly hopeful and brilliantly funny… a treat to spend an hour with” **** (Reviews Hub) “A very funny man” (Carl Donnelly) “Oli Bettesworth is comedy’s Vincent Van Gogh” (Oli Bettesworth)
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Paul Savage: Performative Wokeness
16-17 May | 17:40 | £5 (or pay what you want) | Age 18+
Paul Savage spent last year trying to be better. In response, his girlfriend cheated on him with his flatmate. What’s the point of doing good if no one notices? The award-winning comedian (Top 10 Jokes of Edinburgh Fringe 2017: The Guardian, Daily Mirror, Shortlist, Esquire, The Week) explores it all with jokes.
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Physics Fan Fiction
10-12 May | 15:00 | Donations |Age 15+
Theoretical physicist Dr Fran Day takes a break from studying particles that probably don’t exist to take to the stage in a stand-up science comedy spectacular. Fran takes a witty, irreverent, and occasionally surreal look at what theoretical physicists do all day. Could the Higgs Boson kill us all? What are the key differences between a supernova explosion and a fork? And what really goes on at the Large Hadron Collider? ‘Physics Fan Fiction’ takes a sideways look at the world of theoretical physics, taking in feminism, politics, and the end of the world along the way.
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Richard Todd: Toddymandias, Todd of Todds
06, 24 May | 17:40 | Donations | Age 16+
A living statue watches as a vandal tags her. An artist draws the same image over and over with indomitable zeal. A small-town-convenience shopkeeper eschews convenience to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. A comedian plans to conquer Brighton Fringe. Fools? Maybe! Dreamers? Certainly! Pension Plans? Probably not. Let’s go meet them! In a celebration of the human spirit, Chortle’s “One-to-Watch 2018”, Richard Todd, prods hope’s perpetually moribund body with the indubitable stick of logic and asks: “Why won’t it die?”. “Painfully funny” **** (The Scotsman)
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Rob Deb: A Stand Up Guy
19-20, 27 May | 16:20 | £5 (or pay what you want) | Age 18+
Bi-cultural, demi-sexual, 42 year old Londoner WLTM varied audience with GSOH to tell jokes of a politically irreverent nature. Likes: comic books, 80s horror and second edition Dungeons and Dragons. Dislikes: social media, bureaucracy and watching ‘Love Island’ with the sound up. Rob Deb is a circuit regular, and described as “the Lenny Bruce of sci-fi” (The Skinny), “If you don’t like zombies or role playing you will be bored” (Chortle), and “an Irish Indian comedian for the kind of people who eat curries while downing Guinness” (Edinburgh Student News).
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Robyn Perkins: Happy?!
12-13 May | 13:40 | £5 (or pay what you want) | Age 16+
Are you one of those people who makes bad decisions? This show is for you. Join exceptionally charismatic Robyn Perkins as she over-analyses her life, her farcical parents, and most of all, her bad decisions. It’s an energetic, chatty hour filled with honest and hilarious anecdotes. “A golden performer whose charisma alone on stage is refreshing.” **** (Voice Magazine) “Sharp, insightful, touching and above all, really, really funny” **** (ThreeWeeks)
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Sameena Zehra’s Cult of Comedy
04-05, 10-12, 17-19, 24-26, 31 May and 01 Jun | 19:00 | £8 (£5 concessions) | Age 15+
An hour of pure entertainment from musicians, clowns, and wordmongers of all flavours, local and international, showcasing the best Brighton Fringe has to offer. “… a smorgasbord of different voices finding the funny in new places… in the assured and comedically strong hands of Zehra, ‘Cult Of Comedy’ is a welcome addition to the list of Fringe comedy nights, with a feel and tone all of its own” (Latest)
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Sameena Zehra: Existerhood
13, 26 May |17:40 | Donations
The world is changing. Bigly. What price friendship, when revolution beckons? What price joy, sanity, compassion? Intent & consequence. Power & control. These are words. I will use them. You will laugh.* “Funny, fiery, brave and true” (Glasgow Herald)
* Terms and conditions apply.
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06, 20 May at 13:40 | 23-24 May at 21:40 | £5 (or pay what you want) | Age 18+
Ever felt ashamed? Ever wanted the ground to swallow you whole? You’re not alone. Join poet and comedian Pete Strong as he explores the history of shame: his own, the shame of being a man, and simply the shame of being alive. Self-loathing, but with jokes, poems and the odd song. Honest! “Walking a fine emotional line, cathartically funny” (Chortle) “Warped charm” (The Argus) “An act well worth seeing” (Broadway Baby)
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Sonia Aste: Made in Spain
06, 07 May | 20:20 | Donations | Age 15+
Sonia Aste is a Spaniard living in the UK with a quirky point of view: ‘Cultural differences are like sangria – a happy mix that leaves us wanting more’. Join her as she guides us through tourism, folklore, family, and British/Spanish connections. With fiesta-like energy, you’ll be stomping your feet with laughter! If you’ve ever been to Spain (or have yet to go), don’t miss this night of colourful cultural comedy. Olé! Winner Toastmasters International Speech Contest Divisional 2017 Winner Colchester Comedian of the Year 2016 “Hilarious! Audience had a fantastic time” (Hastings Fringe)
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Sophie Duker: Diet Woke
27 May | 15:00 | £5 (or pay what you want) | Age 14+
Controversy queen Sophie Duker heads back to Brighton to crack open a fresh can of comedy sass. Duker is a rising star who has brought her sexy-cerebral brand of humour to Comedy Central, BBC 2, Radio 4, and Cartoon Network (you can relax, she’s legit). Show may contain: redheads, royals, ruckus. All audiences welcome, though in the interests of diversity we are particularly interested in selling tickets to straight white men. “A sparky proposition” (The Independent) Shortlisted for the BBC New Comedy Award 2017
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Spring Day: Help! I’ve Fallen in Love and I Can’t Get Up!
29-20 May | 21:40 |£5 (or pay what you want) |Age 16+
Two little cripples sitting in a tree k-i-s-s–Wait! How did two cripples get up a tree? Come see Spring Day, voted Brooklyn’s Best Comedian, tell true tales of a spastic Sid and Nancy. You’ll laugh, be inspired and feel better about your lot in life, you patronising bastard. **** (ThreeWeeks) “An incredibly infectious smile that draws the audience into her performance and wickedly delivered punch lines which have them falling over themselves with laughter, thinking ‘I can’t believe she just said that!’ They absolutely loved her and there is no doubt that you will too.” **** (Broadway Baby)
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Stella Graham: Uncivilized
13-14, 16 May | 20:20 | £5 | Age 18+
What do you do when you’re no longer in control of steering the ship? How many times can you be wrong before you finally get it? Can a phone app make you less of a ticking time bomb? Do I need a lawyer? Join Stella in a hilarious fight she thinks she can win. “If you’re a TV executive, drop what you’re doing and go see her now” (The Skinny) “Fun and original… self-assured, likeable and, crucially, funny” (Broadway Baby)
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04-05 May | 17:40 | Donations
Being born was the one time Sam put any effort into something, and her mum took all the credit for that. Since then she has been bobbing along aimlessly hoping for a motivational genie who understands she like a lie-in. Through various characters, she looks at how much better life can be if you just try. ‘Excellent. Her punchlines were as hilariously off-kilter as they were well-devised’ ThreeWeeks ‘Funny bones’ Latest 7
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What’s My Favourite Soup?
05-06 May | 21:40 | £5
A new hour of stand-up from one of Ireland’s least Irish Irishmen, Christian Talbot. ‘Talbot may call himself ‘Shite at Being Irish’ but when it comes to putting together a good show, well, he’s great at that.’ **** Broadway Baby ‘Talbot has a show which has the potential to be a hit at home and abroad.’ **** EdFest Mag ‘An absolutely engaging performer. The women next to me nearly dislocated something, so much was she laughing. Can’t say fairer than that.’ The Scotsman
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Will Rowland
5-6, 12-13 May, 2-3 Jun | 16:20 | Donations | Age 15+
Silly, surreal stand-up comedy from spicy boy Will Rowland. The first third is devoted to proclaiming that he is a popular guy with plenty of friends. The second is a discussion of truth in comedy, which involves some backtracking. The third section is devoted to the telling of a wonderful joke, before finishing with a rousing sing-song, to the delight of all. Finalist: New Comedian of the Year 2017 Third Place Max Turner Prize 2017 “Playful… intellectual… jokes about his washing machine” (Chortle)
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Yuriko Kotani: Overwork in Progress
14-15, 23, 30 May, 03 Jun | 19:00 | £5 (or pay what you want) |Age 16+
Winner of the BBC New Comedy Award 2015 and Time Out’s One to Watch, UK-based Japanese comedian Yuriko Kotani brings you wonderfully offbeat stories with her rug-pulling punchlines and bizarre observations as work-in-progress. As seen on Russell Howard’s ‘Stand Up Central’ and ‘Pls Like’ (BBC3) “Leftfield rising star” (Time Out)
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