What’s on this week…

*Mon 19th August 2019

(F) 8pm Wolves vs. Man. Utd

*Tues 20th August 2019

(F) 7:45pm Hull city vs. Blackburn

*Wed 21st August 2019

(F) 7:45pm Charlton Athletic vs. Nottingham Forest

*Thurs 22nd August 2019

(C) 12pm Ashes – England vs. Australia

(C) 7pm Sussex vs. Essex

*Fri 23rd August 2019

(C) 12pm Ashes – England vs. Australia

(F) 8pm Aston Villa vs. Everton

*Sat 24th August 2019

(C) 11am Ashes – England vs. Australia

(F) 12:30pm Norwich vs. Chelsea

(F) 12:30pm Derby vs. West Bromwich Albion

(R) 3pm England vs. Ireland (Rugby world cup warm-up)

(F) 5:20pm Torquay vs. Aldershot Town

(F) 5:30pm Liverpool vs. Arsenal

*Sun 25th August 2019

(C) 11am Ashes – England vs. Australia

(F) 12pm Swansea vs. Birmingham

(F) 2pm Bournemouth vs. Man. City

(F) 4:30pm Spurs vs. Newcastle United

What’s on this week

  • Sports listings for week beginning Monday 05 August:
    • Monday 05 August 2019 (C) 12pm The Ashes – England vs. Australia (sky) (F) 7:45pm Huddersfield vs. Derby (sky)
      Tuesday 06 August: F) 7:45pm Portsmouth vs. Birmingham (sky)
      Wed 07 August: (C) 6:30pm Leicestershire vs. Birmingham Bears (sky)
      Thursday 08 August: C) 2:30pm West Indies vs. India (sky) (C) 6:15pm Middlesex vs. Surrey (sky)
      Friday 09 August: C) 6:30pm Lancashire vs. Yorkshire (sky) (F) 8pm Liverpool vs. Norwich City (sky)
      Saturday 10 August: (F) 12:30pm West Ham. Utd. vs. Man. City (BTSport 1) (F) 12:30pm Leeds United vs. Nottingham Forest (sky) (R) 2pm Ireland vs. Italy (Ch. 4) (R) 2pm Sharks vs. Cheetah’s (sky) (C) 3pm Western Storm vs. Lancashire Thunder (sky) (F) 5:30pm Spurs vs. Aston Villa (sky) (C) 7pm Somerset vs. Kent (sky) (R) 8:40pm Argentina vs. South Africa (sky)
      Sunday 11 August: (R) 2pm England vs. Wales (sky) (F) 2pm Newcastle United vs. Arsenal (sky) (C) 2:30pm Worcestershire vs. Northamptonshire (sky) (F) 4:30p Man. Utd. vs. Chelsea (sky)

    What’s On This Week

    Mon 11th Feb 2019

    (C) 14:00 W. Indies Vs. England (sky cricket)

    (F) 20:00 Wolves vs. Newcastle (sky ME)

    Tues 12th Feb 2019

    (C) 14:00 W. Indies Vs. England (sky cricket)

    (F) 20:00 Man. Utd. vs. PSG (BTSPORT 2)

    Wed 13th Feb 2019

    (F) 20:00 Spurs vs. Borussia Dortmund (BTSport 2)

    Thurs 14th Feb 2019

    (F) 17:55 FC Bate Borisov vs. Arsenal (BTSport 2)

    (F) 20:00 Malmö vs. Chelsea (BTSport 2)

    Fri 15th Feb 2019

    (R) 19:45 Gloucester vs. Exeter (BTSport 1)

    (F) 19:45 QPR vs. Watford (BTSport 2)

    (F) 19:45 Sunderland vs. Accrington Stanley (Sky foot.)

    Sat 16th Feb 2019

    (F) 12:30 Brighton & Hove vs. Derby (BTSport 2)

    (R) 15:00 Saracens vs. Leicester (BTSport)

    (F) 17:30 Newport vs. Man. City (BTSport 2)

    Sun 17th Feb 2019

    (F) 13:00 Blackburn vs. Middlesbrough (sky foot.)

    (F) 13:00 Bristol vs. Wolves (BTSport 2)

    (F) 16:00 Doncaster vs. Crystal Palace (BBC 1)

    6 Nations Of Chips

    You like chips? You like rugby? You’ll like this! We’re serving garlic chips (France), chips with bacon, kale and Irish Cheddar, chips topped with bolognese sauce and mozzarella (Italy), chips with Welsh Caerphilly and leek sauce, loaded chips with chicken tikka masala (England’s national dish) and there’s even our surprise best-seller, chips with haggis (Scotland).

    FREE Comedy Thurs 17 Jan!

    January Blues begone, we’ve got the fantastic Aidan Goatley doing a preview of his new stand-up show Happy Britain. It’s still a work in progress so entry is free. FREE! Starting at 7:30pm on Thursday 17 January, no advance reservations so we recommend getting here early to give dry, skint, miserable January the seeing-off it deserves.